The performance of your #tyls boosted like never before!

Tylio was already fast and extremely well referenced by search engines. It will be even more so! The performances improvement on #tyls and brand pages is at the center of our priorities. And always will be.

This week, we are delivering a first set of changes to boost the performance of your publications. The work of "cleaning" and restructuring was cumbersome and painful (sometimes 😅) but it was essential to what's coming. We already had a strong foundation for a high-performing infrastructure, and now it's even better.

And here's what's next:

  • Even more images automatically optimized for all types of resolution and device
  • New servers all over the world so that images arrive more quickly to the readers of your #tyls
  • Faster display of pages via optimization of the critical code that loads the pages
img tyls
img tyls

A new help center paired with the live support you love so much!

img tyls
img tyls

You see the big green question mark in the bottom right? This is our new help and support system.

You do not see it? Don't panic ... We chose not to display the question mark in #tyl view mode so as not to distract readers from your content. It will appear as soon as you are logged into the application or on our landing page.

With the new real-time chat and support center, you will soon have all the tutorials, articles, tips and tricks you need to master at your fingertips... without ever having to leave the application (Ooouuhh yeah) ! 😍

In there you'll find :

  • Help documentation articles (several articles will soon be added and continuously improved)
  • Real-time support via the live chat you already love
  • Tylio's news (in French and English)
  • The status of the system in real time (including our technology partners')
  • And quick access to information to contact us


So, what do you think? Not bad, right?


Leave a comment at the bottom of this #tyl to share your opinion.
And if you want us to work on a help article in priority, let us know.

We will do the impossible to write it quickly.