What is a 404 page error?

A 404 page error appears when a website is active, but the specific page within it doesn’t exist. 

A 404 page usually appears for one of these two reasons:

  • A typing error when entering the address
  • A broken link (the page has been deleted or the address of the page has been changed without making a redirect)

This type of error should not be confused with a DNS error, which is displayed when the entire server can not be found.

Custom 404 error pages

It is one thing to have a page saying the content does not exist at the requested address. You still have to reassure the user that he is still in the right place and that he can easily browse another page of your site ... 

In practice, however, things are not always that simple. If most website templates have a default 404 page included, it is often visually unattractive or even unrelated to the design of your site. Wix, for example, uses the same 404 error page for all its sites while VotreSite.ca offers really poor 404 error pages.

img tyls

No worries with tyl.io ... It automatically generates custom 404 error pages for all branded blogs, websites and landing pages 😃

Here is what is implemented to optimize your custom 404 error pages:

  • Visual identity of your brand on your 404 error pages
  • Navigation menu so that users can quickly find what they are looking for
  • Prominent action button to bring users back to your homepage
  • External social links (Facebook page and others) highlighted in the navigation so that users can easily find you on the social networks

Avoid 404 error pages as much as possible!

If customizing a 404 error page is a good thing, it is still better to avoid this situation.

tyl.io takes care of redirects when you transfer a page from one brand to another but it can't do anything if you delete a page too quickly. Having broken links on your website provides a poor experience and search engines see it as an indicator of low quality. So you'd better change the visibility of a page (from public to unlisted) rather than deleting it. 😉

Custom 404 error pages are available if you have a brand. If you don't, just create one ... It's 100% free !!