Custom 404 error pages

A 404 page error appears when a website is active, but the specific page within it doesn’t exist.  A 404 page usually appears for one of these two reasons: A typing error when entering the address A broken link (the page has been deleted or the address of the page has been changed without making a redirect) This type of error should not be confu...

Server-Side Rendering and Code Splitting with React-Router 4 and Webpack 2

Here at , we often encounter interesting challenges. We’ve had a universal, code-split app for a while now, and as part of our latest performance release (out soon!), we’ve decided to upgrade to the new React-Router 4. My name is Emile Cantin, and I'm a full stack developer and lead application engineer here at Tylio. While studying the ...

[Mid-April 2017] - New helpdocs and performance boost!

Tylio was already fast and extremely well referenced by search engines. It will be even more so! The performances improvement on #tyls and brand pages is at the center of our priorities. And always will be. This week, we are delivering a first set of changes to boost the performance of your publications. The work of "cleaning" and restructuring ...

Tylio is attending Startupfest and we intend to enjoy every moment of it!!!

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